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Hello, I am Hermit aka Shawn. I have been making knives part time since my teen years. In 1998 I decided I would begin making knives full time. In 2007 I took an unplanned hiatus but am presently getting my shop built back up in Kentucky. I make folders, fixed knives, puukkos, fillet knives, kitchen knives, carving tools, adzes.. In fact I will make most any and all edged tools. I have access to almost unlimited options of scale materials such as stabilized wood, bone, exotic woods, ivory, mastodon, giraffe bone, mother of pearl in white, gold or blacklip, abalone, oosic, stag, moose antler to name a few. (forget the unicorn horn, OK?) The highest quality materials are always used. Blades are available in a wide variety of steels, I personally prefer and only work damascus and high carbon steels. Custom filework is available on most knives and you can discuss this and all details with me. If you do have a certain knife design in mind, a tool, see something you like in the gallery please feel free to e mail me.

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In fondest memory of my my faithful Blue Heeler, Oubarra.

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