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Here you will find some more of the finest handling and cutting knives. Only some of these are a tad smaller. Don't let the size throw you. A knife with a 2 inch blade, 5/8" deep, 1/8 thick will do about 90% of the daily chores we come across. It will open an envelope with flair, opens packages with gusto, cuts tape, strings, even the end off your fine Cuban cigar. The knives are all heat treated and sharpened, sheaths are double hand sewn, internal catchers just like the big boys. These are in every way a functional puukko and a really cool knife to wear off a button, a broach, a pin or a removable watch fob keychain can be attached like the second group of pics. Remember to check back frequently on Nordic Page 1 Please e mail me with any questions. Thank you for looking,, Hermit.

I made several of these leuukos and cannot keep them in stock. Maybe I need to raise the price?? The top one still has some moose fur at the end, crown or as it is properly called, the "rosecrantz". The handle is made of well weathered moose antler which was sealed, brass or nickle silver, nordic curly birch soaked in linseed. Leather spacers provide a non slip grip when the knife is wet. The blade is Swedish high carbon steel. The sheath is vegetable tanned tooling leather. The brass or nickle silver chape at the top is removable for cleaning and conditioning, it also attaches the "mystery braid belt hanger. This sheath also has a bladecatcher internal to the leather.
SOLD but of course I could make you one, the blades can also be had in a black nostalgic finish..

Don't let the size of these miniature puukkos fool you. The blades are about 2" long and is high contrast damascus. Composition is carbonsteels and nickle. It is properly heat treated, sharpened and the top of the blade is even fileworked. These miniatures take longer to make than full size puukkos! The sheath has a internal thermoplastic (kydex) blade catcher and is double sewn tooling leather. The brass chape at the top has a flap that allows you to wear this knife off a shirt pocket button. They can also be hung with a watch fob chain and attached T bars. The handle is stabilized Nordic curly birch, leather spacers, ivory and brass guards.

Here is a 4" overall mini puukko made with Devin Thomas high contrast damascus with a composition of 1095 spring steel and nickle. I ground the blade, thorn filed it, heat treated it then etched the steel for pattern. The handle is solid cuttler brass, leather spacers, mastodon ivory and stabilized masur birch. The sheath has an internal blade catcher of kydex, is double sewn and made of vegetable tanned tooling leather. The brass chape holds a flap to button the knife in the sheath, button it to your pocket or to carry it on the removable blacknickle brass mesh chain with your favorite suit. The blade is about 2" and over 5/8 deep so it is a useful tool not just a novelty.

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